Thursday, December 27, 2007

Welcome to this blog!

This is a newly created blog with the intent of addressing and assisting anyone with their daily personal computer and personal electronic needs. Here you can discuss your day to day electronic problems, or just ask for general advice. You can discuss anything from Bluetooth devices, Computer Networking, Digital Cameras, HDTV's, GPS, IPODS/MP3, Cellular or home phones, or any other electronic device an individual uses in their daily life. However the primary focus of this blog will be PCs, anything from hardware upgrades (ie. RAM, PCI/AGP device, processor install, hard drive or CD/DVD drive install), software installs (general applications, OS changes or installs), to troubleshooting.

Keep coming back as I will be starting a DIY (Do It Yourself) discussion on some common issues related to the above.

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