Friday, December 28, 2007

PC tips and tricks.

I would like to take a few minutes to discuss how you can keep you computer running smoothly with some simple tips and tricks. If you surf the net on a regular basis make sure you delete your temporary internet files and cookies. Every time your browser goes to a web page it takes an imprint of the page and saves it to the hard drive, this is done to increase page load time for future visits. If you don't clean these out from time to time they will start consuming your disk space, and if you have an older computer with a small hard drive this will bog your system down entirely. Follow these steps to remove these files and cookies.

1.) Open your browser


3.) Under browsing history click the delete button

4.) Click the delete temporary internet files button

5.) Click the delete cookies button

While your at that screen at may also be a good idea to delete you history.

Another awesome tip is to increase the size of your virtual memory. That's right "virtual memory", memory that doesn't really exist, or at least it doesn't physically exist. As we know windows is a very memory intensive operating system, as a result microsoft had to devise a way to get extra memory when windows requires it. Virtul memory is basically a reserved section of your hard drive that windows converts into temporary memory, the problem is windows doesn't manage the virtual memory to well, it never has enough. By increasing the virtual memory your load times when launching programs or applications will be reduced and windows will be much happier. I would recommend using at least 4GB of your hard drive for virtual memory. So here's a step by step on how to edit virtual memory settings.


2.) Double click on SYSTEM

3.) Then click the ADVANCED tab at the top

4.) Under performance click the SETTINGS button

5.) Then click the ADVANCED tab at the top

6.) Under Virtual Memory click the CHANGE button

7.) By default "system managed size" is checked, click the CUSTOM SIZE button

8.) Set your initial size to 1000MB, and your maximum size to 4096MB, then click OK

That's it you have now increased your virtual memory.

That's all I got for now, but stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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